About Us

Softel Revolution Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic company operating as an offshore programming and IT solutions provider. We attend to complete customer needs from understanding their requirements to developing state of the art,IT solutions that best suit them.The key principle of our work with clients is speaking the same language as them. We are able to translate our client's requirements into software solution adroitly, the end result is that we deliver optimal solutions within the stipulated time frame.

Softel Revolution Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides assistance ranging from Enterprise-wide web solutions to customized web-design and database-oriented projects, aimed at fetching clients the maximum benefit the Internet has to offer.

The objective of Softel Revolution Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is to fulfill the documented expectations of our client's requirement using the most appropriate technology that will suit the client's needs.

Specialities of Softel Revolution Technologies

Guaranteed Clients' Satisfaction, Highly Experienced and Professional Work Force, Meeting Deadlines without Compromising Quality, Providing Complete Website Ownership Rights to the Client. Evolving With Latest Web Designing Techniques and Tools, Cost Effectiveness, Uniqueness and Creativity in Designing, Building Brand Image with Best Designing and Marketing Skills.

Our Company consists of experts who develop web applications, window applications and content management system in an effort to maintain updated websites for targeted audiences.

Why Softel Revolution Technologies?

Best Price in the Industry: We provide our services at most affordable rates and guarantee lowest price in the market.

Up to date Technology: We are one company to rely on for its advanced technological advancements.

Expert Team: We have a great dedicated team of web designers, developers & SEO experts who work together to provide best services.